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Pyramid Deck Lights – Metal Low Voltage Yard Lights.

Pyramid deck lights and matching post caps offered by Rockler add a measure of security and beauty to decks, patios, steps and porches. These metal low voltage yard lights and posts caps come in four different colors:

- Green

- Brown

- Black

- White

Rockler pyramid deck lights use 12 volt low voltage wiring and have a low maintenance powder-coated finish over sturdy cast aluminum for durability and long life. The low voltage outdoor lights fit a 4” x 4” post. Each bulb is 18 watts and for an average-size deck you will need a light on each corner and to finish the deck off install post caps between the lights.

Tip: Make sure you measure your post to make sure it is really 4” x 4”. Some posts are actually 3.5” by 3.5”. If that is the case you should look at the flat deck light, because it fits that size of deck railing post.

Each light requires a pigtail connector for connecting the light fixture to the deck light wiring. The pigtail connectors are sold separately. You will also need to purchase a transformer and wire. I recommend you purchase all of these at the same time so you’re ready to go once the lights arrive. There are three different transformers available:

- 88 watts 12 volt multiple setting transformer

- 200 watts 12 volt multiple setting transformer

- 300 watts 12 volt multiple setting transformer

12 volt multiple setting transformer has multiple on/off timer - lights can be set to go on or off up to two times each day! This transformer is not for use with submersible or pool/spa equipment.

The number of lights you want to run will dictate the size of transformer you should purchase. Here’s a quick reference table to determine which transformer you should purchase:

88 watt transformer will power up to 4 lights

200 watt transformer will power up to 11 lights

300 watt transformer will power up to 16 lights

Low voltage outdoor lighting wire comes in 50 foot lengths. Make sure you measure how much wire you need before placing your order.


Pyramid Deck Lights from Rockler
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