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Creative Deck Lighting Ideas for Safety, Security and Beauty Around your Home.

Deck lighting has come a long way since the days of nailing a few electric bulbs or basic lighting fixtures to the deck posts or railings and switching them on at night.

These days, designing a lighting system for you outdoor deck has become something of a fine art, and a great project for anyone who likes to be handy around the house, and creative too.

A well designed outdoor lighting system makes traffic areas and steps safe to walk through at night, gives your home a magical appearance after dark, and turns your deck into an attractive outdoor space in the evenings, perfect for entertaining family and friends or just relaxing outdoors and enjoying the crisp evening air.

There’s a fantastic range of deck lights available, in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, to suit a range of specific outdoor lighting purposes.

Choosing lighting fixtures for your outdoor deck.

Lighting fixtures which are specifically designed for outdoor areas like decks generally work on a low voltage system, which is exceptionally safe, and gives a gentle, warm and very ambient quality of light.

Your lighting fixtures may be mains powered, or if you live in a climate where sunlight is abundant, you could choose solar powered lights for your deck. You’ll find a fantastic variety of solar powered lighting fixtures which are suitable to be used around the deck, and they’re very easy to install.

You can mount your lights to the deck posts, to the wall of the house, or on the railings, or if you have a low deck you could also plant your lighting fixtures in the ground around the deck.

You can also use special recessed lights which are mounted into the surface of the deck itself, or into the deck railings. These recessed decking lights not only create a very special fairy-light look around the deck, they can also be used to highlight the edge of the deck surface, the stairs, and any level changes in the deck as a safety feature.

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