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Deck Railing Lights Create a Magical Outdoor Atmosphere.

Deck railing lights are perfect for providing safety and security around your deck or patio, and they can also be used to create a beautiful outdoor evening ambience.

Anyone with a few basic carpentry and electrical skills will find it very easy to install patio or deck railing lights, and because they work on a low voltage system, they’re extremely safe.

The internet is a great place to look for deck railing lighting ideas, and once you’ve made your choice, you can order all the lighting fixtures and supplies you need very easily from the website. You will also find various outdoor lighting ideas and designs on this site.

Choosing lighting fixtures for your deck railings.

Low voltage deck light that is mounted to a postYou’ll find a great range of low voltage lighting fixtures which are specially designed to be mounted under deck or patio railings, and some can also be wall mounted. If you intend to use the railing lights on a pool deck or in any location which is exposed to water, make sure you choose lights which are specifically designated as being suitable for these purposes.

Lighting fixtures for deck and patio railings can either work on a low voltage mains powered system, or you may also choose to use solar powered lights for your railings.

A very attractive way to light your deck or patio railings is by installing decorative post cap lights. These lighting fixtures come in a wide range of colors, and a choice of different styles featuring flat or pyramid shaped tops, usually with frosted glass sides.

A very practical solar deck post cap lightYou can install post cap lights on the corner posts of your deck railing, with matching decorative post caps on the other posts. If you have a very long deck railing, you could have the post cap lights on a few other intermediate posts as well, or if you really want to create an impact, you could even set a post cap light on every post in your deck railing.

You can also find outdoor lighting fixtures that will mount to the sides of your posts or under the your stairs. This provides the light where you need it but it isn't shining in your eyes or making your surroundings too bright. This provides a nice gentle ambiance.

For more information on illuminating your deck, please read this article on recessed lighting for your deck.

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