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Creative outdoor deck lighting ideas for your home.

Setting up outdoor deck lighting used to mean nailing a few glaring bulbs or lighting fixtures to the deck posts and turning them on, but times have certainly changed. With such a variety of outdoor deck lighting products available these days, you can design a beautiful, practical deck lighting system which suits your deck and your home perfectly.

Outdoor deck lights are not only useful for providing safety and security around your deck at night. A creatively designed deck lighting system will turn your outdoor deck into an attractive space you’ll love to use for entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing on clear, warm summer evenings.

Choices in deck lighting fixtures.

Picture of deck and stair lighting by a pool at night.Almost all outdoor lighting fixtures work on a low voltage system, which is extremely safe, and radiates a soft, gentle light which is perfect for deck or patio settings. Mains powered deck lighting systems usually come in a kit with transformers, cables and connectors included, so they’re very easy to set up yourself.

If you live in an area which receives a lot of sunshine, there is a fantastic range of solar powered deck lighting fixtures which run on free energy, and are usually even easier to set up because no wires or connections are necessary. If you plan to use your deck lighting fixtures on a pool deck, or in a location which is exposed to water, make sure you choose lighting products which are specifically designed for this purpose.

You’ll find deck lighting fixtures which can be mounted to a wall next to the deck, planted in the ground around the deck, or even mounted in the deck railing. You can also buy special recessed deck lights which are designed to be installed right in the deck surface itself. They not only create a really magical, fairy light effect, they’re also perfect for highlighting stairs and level changes for safety.

For more outdoor lighting ideas, please read this article on using solar post cap lights to light your deck.

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