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Considering Solar Walkway Lights? A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Whether you have a beautiful yard and want to illuminate it at night or you want to ensure that no one stumbles and falls while they are walking around your property, you might want to look into the many different outdoor lighting options available.

Outdoor lighting can be as simple or as complicated as you want. You can add lighting throughout your garden, deck or patio. Or you can focus on one area while you find out what you like and what works for you. 

There are three basic ways to light your outdoor area that we will consider.

  • The first is to install outdoor lighting that connects to your electric panel. This can presents two basic problems, though. It can be expensive as many people find that they have to put a new electrical circuit into their budget and running the cables can increase the cost if you need the help from an electrician. The other main problem is that some find the light too bright and want something software.
  • The second option is to use low voltage outdoor lighting. This lighting system is advantages because you can connect the transformer to a standard wall outlet. The power is low voltage so it is a lot safer than the 110volts from your wall
  • The third option is to use sola power. For example if you are interested in lighting your drive or walk way you can install solar walkway lights. This is also a good alternative to purchasing and installing expensive outdoor lights, solar walkway lights are fast becoming the outdoor lighting answer to the needs of many.

How They Work

Solar lights work by drawing energy from the sun with the help of a panel or collector. They capture that energy, and through an intricate process, turn it into the outdoor lighting you need.

The concept of solar energy is not a new one. Solar panels are often installed in houses as a way to help the homeowner save money on electricity bills. There are, however, some things about solar panels, even the ones used on lights like these, that can frustrate homeowners.

The primary problem is that solar power does not work in every geographical location. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences a heavy winter season, you may see a decrease in the energy collected during the winter months. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy the lights during the winter months. You may even have to remove them to prevent damage during deep freezes.

The good news is that the solar panels are a lot more efficient at converting the suns light into solar energy. When they first came out they were at 4% now they are at 30%.

Understanding Differences

There are two different kinds of solar lights. The first uses the energy it gained from the sun to power regular bulbs. The second uses the energy to power LED bulbs.

LED bulbs will last a lot longer because they use less energy, but they are also not as bright as the regular solar bulbs. If you have every compared an LED flashlight to a regular flashlight you will understand the difference.

For some applications this is can be a good thing. If you are looking to use LED bulbs in your outdoor lighting system, you may want to use a few extra lights. Especially if you are looking at light a dark path or you have a security application.

What to Buy

When it comes right down to it, the type of walkway lights you should purchase depends solely on your needs. As with anything, it depends on what you overall purpose. If you are looking to give your garden a small glow, you will not need many solar lights, and lights that make use of LED bulbs are a great choice.

If, however, you want to showcase a specific part, or all, of your garden, or you are trying to illuminate the walkway so that your guests can easily find their way, you will need something a bit more powerful. LED lights are still a great choice in this instance, but you may need more of them or more powerful bulbs.

Solar walkway lights are often the best solution for homeowners, but make sure you understand your needs, and the capabilities of each lighting option, before you make a purchase.

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