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What's Inside Solar Outdoor Lights and What is Everyone Using Them For?

One of the biggest breakthroughs in science is the discovery of routing sunlight and using the sun’s boundless energy in homes and factories for illumination and making electricity. This process is efficient and combines both electric and solar power.

But to the ordinary layman, solar lighting is simply solar outdoor lights. Translated, this means brighter gardens and homes at night that work efficiently and are easy to install. When installed, gardens and homes have lighting that is bright as daytime. There are over three hundred types of solar outdoor lights.

This type of lighting can withstand high wind conditions (hurricanes and typhoons). The poles used to attach the lights are certified to support the lights—as weak points have been eliminated. These lights can be installed without much fuss.

They can be set in place without worrying about trenching or wiring. Solar lighting can have the following structure and design:

  • Internal battery - the solar panels charge and store the electricity in the batteries for use when it gets dark
  • Batteries don't usually require maintenance or replacement.
  • Weather resistant - this is a must because they will be installed outside
  • Solar panel is usually attached to the system, but new models are coming out that have the solar panel separate and it can power more than one light fixture.
  • Light reflectors are used in the lighting fixtures to provide maximum light output

Picture of an outdoor solar light mounted on a brick retaining wall.Examples of solar lights are becoming more numerous and they are are all around us. You might see them use for security lights, road signs, emergency systems where it is hard to connect power and of course lighting our gardens, paths and walkways.

I recently saw a very cool outdoor solar lights for your shed. The solar panel mounts on the roof or a wall of the shed and you run a small cable to where you want to locate the light. I think the light it is designed to go outside your shed but there is no reason you couldn't have it inside. No more struggling in the dark to find or put away something. 

For your house and garden the more popular outdoor lights are: mushroom lights, tier lights, post cap lights, globe lights, and flood lights. Each one has a different is weatherproof and has a different use.

  • A mushroom garden light has a wider ring of light hence its popular use for low decorative pieces, even flowers and shrubs.
  • A tier light is used for pathways because it casts its light downward and won't blind you or your guests.
  • A post cap light is mounted on your deck or fence posts. They provide a nice accent deck light and add ambiance to your surroundings.
  • A globe light has the bulb enclosed in a globe causing it to cast light in every direction. This light isn't a harsh light though.
  • A floodlight will cast a wide beam of light and they are best to highlight a feature in your garden or yard. These are also good for uplighting and downlighting applications.

Today quaint designs for outdoor lights for gardens have gained popularity. You can find lights shaped like frogs, Victorian lamps, embedded in rocks and some designs use teak wood.

Manufacturers are cashing on tastes and artistic inclinations of customers. Many of them want original designs and features. So if you want your own kind of outdoor lights, you can have a variety to choose from and newer designs are now coming with LED lights that increase the

For more information on solar lighting, please read this article solar lighting frequently asked questions.

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