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Low Voltage Pier Mount Lighting: Is It Right For You and Your Deck?

The first thing that most homeowners think about when they are designing their deck or patio is the layout of the area. Which makes sense, you want to make sure your deck has room for all of the activities you want to use your deck for.

It is only after the deck or patio is created that many homeowners find themselves thinking about illumination options when the evening hours fall.

There are a few different ways that you can light your deck or patio, and even if you neglected to plan for lighting in your original design, you can install lights after the deck or patio has been built, and while there are several options, low voltage pier mount lighting is one of the most popular.

Attached to the your house

Quite a few homeowners illuminate the deck or patio area with lighting that they have attached to the side of the home. These lights are often fairly bright and sometimes they are too bright. But they have the downside of only being able to light one area of the deck, which is usually near the door. If you have your BBQ by the door on your deck this is okay for cooking.

Attached to the Deck

For more of a romantic and easy on the your eyes, you may want to look into low voltage pier mount lighting. Pier mount lighting allows the lighting to be attached directly to the deck or patio posts.

This lighting isn't too bright so it is easy on your eyes, which is why most homeowners choose to have more than a few lights attached to their deck. Another benefit to this lighting is that they require very little maintenance. Most lights have tops that either pop off or screw off, allowing you to easily change the bulbs or clean them. Because most options are weather-resistant, they’ll look great for years.

Pier mount lighting also gives you a bit more security, because instead of just lighting up one area of the deck, you are illuminating the entire thing, allowing you to see anyone who approaches the deck or patio area.

Low voltage lighting pros and cons

The benefit of low voltage lighting is that it is fairly eco-friendly. Because the bulbs require less electricity, you don’t have to worry about becoming a power-hungry consumer with this type of deck lighting.

A downside of this lighting, is that it can be tricky to hide the cords. Some home owners choose to run the cords under the rail. This is ideal if you’re installing the lighting after the deck or patio has been constructed. If you plan ahead, though, you have other options. You can place the cords in the posts or in cleverly hidden conduit.

This lighting can be an excellent addition to any deck or patio. If you find that you want this type of lighting appropriate to your needs, look into your options today.

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