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Different Styles of Deck Railing Lights

Many types of deck railing lights are available for sale on the Internet. Some are mounted on the sides of the decking posts, some sit on top (cap) the posts, and others are strung along the railing on electric cable.

Different types of light can give your decking a different feel and look.

Railing cap lights sit on top of your railing posts, and are usually cube or globe shaped, but there are also other styles available. They can be made from wood, metal or plastic, and the metal and plastic ones can come coated to match your railing. For example, if you have a cedar wood railing, you can buy a metal light coated with a cedar wood effect paint or vinyl coating.

These types of railing light are, in general, made to look like traditional exterior lamps, similar to old oil lamps, although more modern looking versions are available. These tend to give off quite a bright light when compared with other deck railing lights, and so are suitable for railings surrounding large deck areas. With a dimmer bulb, these can give a very relaxed feel to your deck area. You can also find these mounted on tall thin posts, which allows an even larger area to be lit, and gives a more contemporary feel to your deck area.

Post mounted lights are usually set closer together than railing cap lights. They are smaller, and have a lower light output. They sit on the side of your railing posts, facing the decking. These come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Some, like the railing cap lights, look like traditional lamps, and would make a good alternative to caps on smaller areas of decking. Others have a more modern look, and sometimes colored bulbs are used to accentuate this.

These can be great lights to use on decking areas that are used for a lot of parties. An example of a modern post mounted light is a disc of semi-transparent plastic, containing a colored bulb, much the same as some white lights used outside front doors. Some post mounted lights are sunk into the post, and these have a very smart, modern look. They are especially useful when used as spotlights, angled down to highlight a deck pathway using a bright bulb. This can give a very dramatic effect to a path leading to a larger deck area.

String bulbs are less common, but used correctly, can look just as good as any of the other options. They come in many shapes and size, from small lantern shaped light housings, to large plain bulbs. You can also get a very cool tiki string light for your deck. The main problem with these lights, is that the wires look unsightly, and so they are best use on railings where you can staple the cable behind the horizontal top bar. If done correctly, you can use any color bulb you wish, and they give a fun feel to any deck area.

You should consider the main use of your deck area when buying railing lights. If you have a lot of outside parties, using string lights, or contemporary post mounted lights, with a bright colorful bulb (or even mixture of colors) can make your deck look and feel more fun. On the other hand, choosing post light caps is a good choice to give your deck area a more relaxed feel.

For more information on lighting your deck, please read this article on using low voltage deck lighting.

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