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History and Using Butterfly Solar Lights to Naturally Light Your Yard

The butterfly is one of the oldest insect families known, dating back to the Cretaceous period some 65 million years ago. These winged beauties have dazzled creatures and humanity alike for eons! Their colorful wing patterns actually evolved to this state to serve as camouflage, helping to hide them amongst the flowers.

These same patterns also serve as a defense: often the patterns on a butterfly's wings resembles the face of a much larger creature, thus giving a predatory insect a beautiful reason to think twice before coming closer.

The life cycle of butterflies, from larvae to caterpillar and then butterfly, is also fascinating. Their metamorphosis from pupae to butterfly is universally symbolic of themes such as birth, growth, gentleness, love and beauty.

Collectors have pursued these graceful flitting creatures for thousands of generations. Their undeniable beauty has been the subject of poetry and song from Homer to Dylan. Their changing life stages have been the symbolic base for many moral plays since the days of Euripides.

Butterflies have been seen in many cultures as being symbolic of the human soul whether the physical body is live, dying or dead. These creatures have also been given deity status by some of the Nagas of Manipur who believed their ancestral roots traced back to the butterfly.

In the Japanese culture, the butterfly's presence is an omen of the arrival of true love. Butterflies have long been used as subjects in art dating back to the Egyptian empire some 3500 years ago. In short, the butterfly is entwined with humanity and has come to be the symbol of art and love. How fitting that their image is portrayed in the production of butterfly solar lights that illuminate our evenings with a soft, warm and loving glow.

Butterfly solar lights, made of a high-quality and durable poly-resin, are created in life like size. These luminescent creatures are wireless, so they can be placed anywhere around your home and garden for that natural, lighting effect.

With their new, smart technology, these winged lamps sense when the surrounding light has decreased and then turn on their glow to illuminate the night. When the sun comes back up, they shut down their lights. Each one has a highly efficient and well-designed solar panel that charges their in-board battery during daylight hours. These batteries are so efficient that they are able to power the butterfly light for up to eight hours on a single charge.

Because LED lamps are used, the butterfly light has a 10,000-hour lamp life, giving you years of dependable service. For the times when you want to send it to bed, the butterfly light has a manual off and on switch that you can use. Butterfly solar lights are the natural choice for someone wishing to light their life with beautiful butterflies.

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