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Solar String Lights Provide a Festive and Earth-friendly Glow

How would you like to be magically transported to a tropical island getaway from the comfort of your own backyard? Or, how would you like to create a holiday wonderland that is the showcase of your neighborhood? You can do either of these festive and attractive ideas and many more using solar string lights. Here are a few pointers when looking for solar string lights.

Solar lights are similar to more conventional electrical string lights – but with more flexibility to spark your creativity. You can choose from a variety of colored lights to set a mood. If you want to set a sophisticated mood, try using only white solar string lights. White lights produce a dramatic yet subtle effect. White lights are great during the holidays but would also produce the perfect unique and subtle glow for a wedding reception. Picture chains of soft white light surrounding your wedding guests as you celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Multi-colored lights are perfect for setting the mood for the holidays and winter season. The bright shots of color really spark up your dreary winter yard and shine through on a snowy evening. During the holidays, you can create a brilliant and season-inspired glow by wrapping trees, bushes, and greenery with solar string lights. Or, for use at any other time of year, you can hang them in your patio or outdoor area to instantly whisk you away to an exotic vacation retreat.

Solar powered string lights are also an excellent way to highlight an area of your yard you’d like to showcase. Border a path to guide guests to a backyard gazebo, wrap strings around your gazebo frame or back porch area, or even create a tent entirely out of string lights as a backyard focal point and gathering place for friends, family and guests to enjoy. Select bulb sizes depending on the effect you’d like to create. Small bulbs help to create a sophisticated look or work well in smaller areas, while large bulbs provide impact when decorating areas of greater size – like a large fir tree in your front yard.

Solar lights work by absorbing and harnessing the amazing energy of the sun through a solar panel and storing it in a battery pack. The panel is inconspicuous and easily kept outdoors. And what’s great is, they are cost effective and won’t hurt your budget, because they won’t add a dime to your energy bill. They are also Earth-friendly because their power comes from a renewable energy source. You can feel good that you are using lights that don’t drain away our precious and dwindling resources and are also a smart investment.

Soft solar lights are a great way to set a mood, showcase your landscape, and celebrate holidays and other life events. Durable and efficient, solar lights help you protect the environment and your budget while providing you the means to create a unique and memorable yard.

For more information using solar lighting for your backyard or next event, please read light your yard with solar powered garden lights.

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