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Are You Interested in Using Solar Power Deck Lighting to Light Your Deck?

In these eco-conscious times, many of us make it a priority to be Earth-friendly. One of the best ways you can “go green” is to use solar lighting. Solar lighting is an energy efficient, renewable resource that saves you money and time.

Once this green solution is installed it costs nothing to operate and requires little upkeep, just wipe the lighting surface clean every once in awhile.

Another great advantage to solar power lighting is that it's very easy to install. And if you don't like where it's located you can pick it up and move it.

Solar lighting is especially convenient for a deck or patio area. Easy to install, they look attractive and don’t require messy wiring. And, because they don’t rely on an electrical source, you have flexibility when needing to install lighting away from electrical outlets, as in on a deck railing, or if you are setting up lighting in a freestanding lamppost at the corner of your deck.

Solar power deck lighting comes in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Cap lights, post lights, and recessed lighting are just a few of the types of lighting that work great on a deck. In creating a lighting plan for your deck, consider the types of lighting and position of the lighting.

Recessed styles work great to illuminate stairs or to enhance mood and ambience through a subtle, soft glow. These lights are usually installed lower on your deck rail post so that it doesn't shine in a persons eyes and provides a nice ambiance. It is also helpful to light the stairs on your deck. Again the light is low and pointed at the stairs. It can be mounted under the steps or on the hand rail posts.

If you need to light a large area, consider placing the solar lights higher up. Lampposts at the corners of the deck spread the light over more space on your deck. Solar lights mounted to your deck walls will also produce a similar, well-lit effect.

Solar spot lights, can be used to light a certain area. But if you want a really bright light you might want to consider using low voltage lighting or connecting directly to the main wiring.

Solar lighting is also good to use for path lights. 

How does it work? Good to Know Before You Buy!

Solar power works by converting solar energy into electrical energy through a photocell battery inside the solar light fixture. For some types of solar lighting, this means that the amount of light you’ll have at night is dependent upon how much light there was during the day.

So in the past a disadvantage was that solar light tended to not be as bright. A concern used to be that solar lighting was dim and did not produce as bright a light as needed. However, developments in photovoltaic technology, as well as use of LED lights, have eliminated much of these concerns. Photovoltaic technology has enabled solar lighting to be bright even after cloudy days, and LED lights are bright enough to provide security lighting.

Solar lighting is an Earth friendly and cost efficient way of lighting up your deck. And with all the lighting options that are available, you will be sure to find solar powered deck lighting that meets your needs.

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