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The lowdown on solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are fast becoming the most popular form of low voltage outdoor lighting. These days you have a fantastic range of solar powered lighting fixtures and accessories to choose from; in fact, just about every type of landscape lighting fixture comes in a solar powered version.

But not all solar lights are made the same. Make sure you check out the manufacturer and purchase a good quality of light. Depending what your application is you want to make sure it's up to the challenge.

If you will be driving the solar light into the ground make sure the stake is sturdy enough to take the force. You should be able to push the garden light into the ground, don't use a hammer.

There are two main advantages to using solar garden lighting:

1. All the energy comes free from the sun, so you save on your power bills, and you help to conserve environmental resources.

2. Solar lights are incredibly easy to install, because you don’t have to connect the lighting fixtures to mains power, and there are no unsightly wires to hide. In some cases, you can install your outdoor solar lights literally in under a minute.

Varieties of Solar Landscape Lights

Downlights and spotlights can be used to subtly highlight a specific area, either to create an attractive lighting effect or to provide safety and security around a doorway or stairway at night.

Floodlights are perfect for throwing a stronger wash of light over a large outdoor area of the garden, deck or patio. This creates a usable space for evening entertaining, or just relaxing in the open air.

Garden accent lighting is used to highlight attractive features of the garden, such as garden ornaments, or featured trees and plants.

Pool and pond lights give your garden water features a magical glow at night.

Recessed lighting is mounted right into the surface of your patio, garden walkway, or even the driveway. The solar panels are generally attached to the lighting fixtures themselves, so they are mounted into the surface also.

For more information on solar lighting, please read this article on solar patio lights.

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