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Solar patio lights add a touch of magic to your evenings.

If you love spending quiet, romantic evenings in the outdoors, solar patio lights are perfect for creating a magical ambience on your patio. Solar powered patio lights come in a fantastic range of shapes, sizes and designs, to suit any outdoor decor style.

Using solar power means you save energy, and you don’t have any wiring, so the lights are very easy to set up. A solar patio light system will collect plenty of energy to power the light for when you need it. Four two six hours of sunlight during the day is normally all you’ll need to power the solar light for a couple of hours in the evening.

Installing solar powered patio lights.

Patio lights are designed so you can sit them on the patio table, plant them in the ground using ground stakes or mount them to a wall, post or tree. If the lights need to be mounted, the mounting brackets will normally be included, but you may need a few basic tools. Some solar powered patio lights come with a decorative stand, so you can move them around whenever you choose.

Of course, the great advantage of solar lighting is that there is no wiring, and you don’t need to connect the light to mains power. You simply position the patio light so that the solar panel will receive plenty of sunlight during the day. The light system may include a timer, or a light sensor to switch the light on automatically when it’s needed.


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