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Solar Landscaping Lights For Our Yard In The Country

Over the years we have completed many projects in our yard. We live in the country so there are no street lights to light our yard at night. One thing that made a difference was purchasing and installing solar landscaping lights for our yard. We do have motion sensor lights at our backdoor to help light the entrance that we use most often, but the front yard always appeared quite dark. We did not want to leave the light on at the front door because it tends to attract bugs.

On the Internet we found that there is a wide variety of landscaping lights to choose from. Some of the landscaping lights were sold in sets and others were sold individually. There is also a wide variety of solar powered landscaping lights available. We liked solar lights because we would not have to run cords and wires. We have two dogs that like to chase chipmunks and squirrels and we were concerned that they would get tangled in wires and electrical cords. We could have buried the electrical cords but we were worried that the dogs might dig them up. 

The solar landscaping lights have a battery that is charged by sun. The lights come on automatically at dusk and stay lit for several hours. You can also get solar lights that you can set the time when they turn on and off. This is a great option if you always want the lights on at a certain time. The timer will also conserve power so that lights are charged when you want them on.

We also liked the idea that the solar lighting because it will not cost additional money on our electric bill. Each solar light has its own battery cell, so they do not have to be placed a certain distance from each other. You can place them wherever you want. You can also move them around if you need the light in a different area. With the electrical lights you can only space them as far apart as the length of the cord and you have to plug them into an outlet. Like plant solar powered lights prefer direct sunlight but they will also working a shady place or if it is overcast for the day. They just might not stay on as long as if they are in the sun for the full day.

We purchased eight solar lights that were shaped like small coach lights. They were made of copper and attached to stakes that you push into the ground. We placed them around the front and side of our home amongst the shrubs. We also purchased two larger solar lights that hang on shepherd hooks. We placed one of these at the beginning of the front walk way and one by the back walkway.

We decided we would look at landscaping lights to place along the sidewalk. The landscaping lights are very attractive. They turn on and off automatically and not only provide for safety, but add beauty to the area as well. The lights that are low to the ground around the bushes do not seem to attract bugs. The lights that are placed on the shepherd hooks are far enough away from the doors that the bugs they attract do not cause an issue for getting in and out of the house. We like the landscaping lights so much that we are going to add a few spot lights to the backyard ornamental trees. The spot lights are placed about a foot from the base of the tree and are positioned to shine up the tree. This will add light and safety to the backyard as well.

For more information on solar lighting your yard, please read this article on Solar Deck Lighting.

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