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Solar deck lights are the environmentally friendly choice for creating a beautiful outdoor evening ambience.

Solar deck lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for lighting all kinds of outdoor spaces, including decks, pool decks, stairs, patios and driveways. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sunshine during the day, it makes sense to capture all that free, clean energy and use it to create a magical atmosphere on your deck or patio in the evenings. Solar deck lights radiate a soft, gentle quality of light, so they’re perfect for creating a romantic mood, but you can also buy solar lighting fixtures which are bright enough to be suitable for highlighting stairs and level changes, for safety and security. If you shop around online, you’ll find a fantastic range of solar deck light fixtures and supplies, and you can order everything you need directly from the website.

Installing solar powered lights around your deck or patio.

The other great advantage of using solar lights is that they’re so easy to install in any outdoor space, including decks, stairs, driveways and patios. There are no transformers to set up, and no wires to connect, so you don’t need to worry about hiding unsightly wires or connections which might spoil the look of your deck surface or deck railing. Solar lighting fixtures often come with the solar panel included as a part of the design of the light fixture itself, so you need to place the light in a location which is relatively well exposed to sunlight during the day.

There are many of varieties of solar lights for decks, which are designed to be mounted in and around the deck or patio in different ways. Some lights come with a bracket which allows them to be mounted to a wall next to the deck, while other solar lighting fixtures have a stake attached to the bottom, so they can simply be planted in the ground around the deck or patio. There are also solar lights which are designed to be installed into the surface of the deck or patio itself, so they’re particularly useful for highlighting stairs and level changes to make your deck or patio safe to walk through at night.


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