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Solar Lamp Post Lights and other Great Landscape Lighting Ideas.

Solar lamp post lights and lanterns have a charming old world feel, and add a real touch of character to your patio, garden walkway, deck, or even your driveway.

Solar landscape lighting fixtures come with a battery, which will store enough energy to generate up to 12 hours of light.

This means that even on cloudy or dark days, your solar lamp post light will still have energy stored to light up for a few hours in the evening. Of course, the amount of energy the solar panel is able to collect will depend on your local climate, and the time of year.

Using solar powered lighting has several advantages:

Save energy

All of the energy to power your lamp post light comes free from the sun, so you save money and you also help to conserve precious environmental resources.

Solar outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to switch themselves on and off automatically in the evening, so you never waste energy by leaving the lights on all night.

The free power from the sun is stored in batteries and then used when the sun goes down. More expensive solar lights probably have better batteries or more detailed or expensive construction.

There are now lots of different styles and design available for solar power lights so make sure you look around and get the right one for your deck posts.

Easy to install

Solar lighting doesn’t need a mains or outlet power connection, and there are no unsightly wires to hide. Solar powered lamp post lights have the solar panel fixed to the top of the light casing, where it is completely invisible.

You just need to fix them to the post and you are done. Later on you can add more lights or move them around. It's very simple and easy. Just check to make sure that the solar lamp is the right size for your post.

Other clever solar powered landscape lighting ideas

These days just about every type of decorative landscape lighting fixture comes in a solar version, including:

- Garden accent lights

- Floodlights

- Downlights and spotlights

- Recessed, or surface mounted lights

- Pool and pond lights, which either float on the surface, or can be mounted to the bottom of the pond

- Pathway, walkway and driveway lights

- Motion sensor lighting

For more information on lighting your deck, please read this article on lighting deck rails.

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