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Getting started with solar powered path lights.

Solar powered path lights give you an easy, energy-efficient way to light up pathways, walkways, stairs and driveways at night. If you’ve never considered using solar outdoor lighting before, you’ll probably be surprised at what a wide range of lighting fixtures are available for this type of application.

Solar powered path lighting fixtures create a strong enough light to allow you to see your way safely, but the light is soft enough to create a lovely glowing ambience which is perfect for the outdoors.

Solar outdoor lights not only save energy, they’re also very easy to install, because there’s no mains power connection to worry about, and no wiring to hide. Because the lights work on a low voltage system, they’re exceptionally safe, so just about anyone can install them very easily.

You have two basic options when choosing solar path lighting:

1. Plant the lighting fixtures alongside the path or stairway.

This type of path lighting fixture will come with a stake, which you literally just plant in the ground, so installation takes a matter of seconds.

The lights throw a gentle wash of light over the whole pathway.

2. Install the lights right into the surface of the path or the stairs.

Recessed lights are designed to be mounted into any surface. The small solar panel is also mounted into the pathway surface next to the light itself.

The small points of light create a magical, fairy light effect, and allow you to see a clear outline of the pathway, a little like an airport runway.

For more information on solar powered lights please read this article on installing solar powered patio lights.


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