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Fantastic low voltage stair lighting products for safety, security and beauty.

Low voltage outdoor lighting systems not only make your home safe and secure at night, they also create a beautiful ambient effect around outdoor areas. Low voltage stair lighting is particularly important to ensure your outdoor steps and stairs are safe to walk through at night. Your low voltage stair lights can be installed right into the surface of the stairs, and they can be either mains or solar powered.

Low voltage lighting has a soft, ambient glow which looks great in outdoor spaces, but it’s bright enough to light your way at night. There’s a fantastic range of low voltage halogen or incandescent lighting fixtures and accessories specially designed to be used around stairways, steps and walkways. Just follow the links from this site for more information.

Controlling your stair lighting system.

Normally you’ll only need your outdoor stairway to light up for a few hours at night, or you may only need the stair lights on for a few minutes when you arrive home in the evening. There are several ways to ensure the lights aren’t left on for longer than you need them, so you don’t waste energy.

Solar lighting systems collect energy from the sun during the day to power the lights at night. The lighting fixtures can either be turned on using a timer or a light sensor, then they will turn off automatically after a few hours when the battery runs out.

Mains powered lighting systems can be turned on and off using a light sensor or a timer. If you only want your stair lights to turn on for a few minutes when you arrive home, you could use a motion sensor. Motion sensors can also be used to light up outdoor areas when they detect the presence of an intruder at night.

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