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Low voltage outdoor lighting bathes your garden, patio and water features in soft, ambient, romantic light.

With a little bit of imagination, a few simple tools and some well chosen low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures, you can turn your patio, garden water features or your pool deck into a beautiful, serene space at night. Low voltage outdoor lighting not only creates a more attractive quality of light, it uses less energy than standard lighting, and it’s also far safer.

You can literally add wires and lights while the system is switched on. There are some beautifully designed products for any outdoor space, including the patio, the garden, or to highlight water features.

There are special fixtures designed for special purposes. A moon light can be mounted to a tree, to flood a large area of the garden or patio with soft light. Pond lights are water tight, and give your garden water features a mystical glow. There are also lights specifically designed to highlight steps and level changes, for safety.

Installing your low voltage outdoor lighting system.

Low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures are relatively easy to install. You simply lay the fixtures and wires out around the garden or patio where you want them to go, then bury the wires using a small gardening shovel. Where they cross garden beds, you can simply cover the wires with sod.

You’ll need to install a transformer, which you can buy from any hardware or home gardening supplies store for a few hundred dollars or so. It can simply be mounted on a post close to an outdoor GFCI outlet, then you need to attach the main wires which supply the lighting fixtures.

Anyone with a few basic carpentry and electrical skills can install one. If you’re in any doubt, have a professional electrician do it for you. The more sophisticated transformers come complete with a timer, so you’ll never waste energy by forgetting to turn the lights off.

For designs tips on using outdoor lighting, please read this article on using low voltage lighting to light your steps.


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