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Types of Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures Available Today

You can find a number of low voltage lighting fixtures available from a variety of sources today. This includes the Internet, hardware stores, garden and outdoor lighting stores. Basically, a low voltage fixture means that the power at the light bulb is using low voltage.

Having low voltage at the fixture means that it is safer to install than the lights in your house. Also, it will use less power than the lights in our house. But it will not be a bright as the lights in your house. Which is okay if you are using the lights casual lighting. But if you want a real bright light for security reasons you will probably want to install 110 volt fixtures.

You might be wonder, how to I get power to the lights if they are low power? This is done by using a transformer that plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet. The transformer will step down the voltage to 12 volts that each fixture will use. If you don't have an outside power outlet you might want to have an electrician install you one close to where you want to set up your outdoor lights. But this should be the hardest part of the installation.

Low voltage light is very popular for several reasons.

  • First, they save you money on your energy bills.
  • Second, because they use less energy, the tend to be more environmentally friendly, so if you’re trying to go green, the right low voltage lighting fixtures can help you get there.
  • Third, they are safe and easy to install.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures -- This category makes up about half of all low voltage lights sold on the market today. This includes:

  • Pathway lights - are used along outside walkways
  • Accent lights - are used in landscaping applications
  • Outdoor lights - are used for decks and patios
  • Underwater lights - are used for lighting ponds

Indoor Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures -- While you will find as diverse a selection for indoor lights, there are about as many indoor, low voltage lights sold as outdoor, low voltage lights.

A good example of an indoor low voltage light would be a fluorescent light. These are much more efficient than the typical incandescent light bulbs. Those who make the switch to fluorescent save big on their energy bill. Moreover, many states are currently considering legislation to require lower voltage light bulbs to be sold exclusively to consumers to help lower the energy intake of people across the United States.

Whether you are talking about indoor or outdoor low voltage lighting, the ability to save money through increased efficiency is universal.

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