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An Overview of Solar Post Lights

Solar post lights will make your garden or patio sparkle at night, and make outdoor areas safe to walk through in the evenings. You can mount them on deck rail posts, fence posts or just a post you install in your garden.

They also come on automatically at night so you don't have to worry about turning them on or setting up a timer to control them.

There’s a huge range of solar post light designs to choose from, in a range of colors and finishes. Check out the different post light designs available on this site and I'm sure you will find the right one for your deck or patio. Just make sure you order the right size of solar light for your post.

Caring for the Environment

Solar energy is clean and free, so solar lighting not only reduces your power bills, it also helps you do your bit to conserve environmental resources.

Solar powered lighting fixtures come with a battery to store the energy until it’s needed. The battery will typically store enough energy to power the post light for around 4-6 hours.

Installing Solar Powered Post Lights

The other great advantage of using solar powered post lights is that they’re so easy to install. There’s no mains power connection to worry about, and no unsightly wiring to hide. Most solar outdoor lighting fixtures come with all the components, including the solar cell, attached to a single unit.

Choosing the best position for solar lighting fixtures is very important. You need to choose a place which receives plenty of sunlight during the day, but will also work as an attractive and functional position for the light at night. Scattered amongst garden beds, alongside walkways, driveways and pathways, and around the patio are very useful and attractive places to position your solar powered post lights.

For smaller post lights, the lighting fixture will come with a stake attached to the bottom which you literally just plant in the ground, so installation will take around thirty seconds.

For larger post lighting fixtures, you’ll need to dig a hole first and install a post. If the post is quite large it’s recommended that you pour a little concrete into the hole for stability when mounting your light. And if you are lighting your deck or patio you probably already have posts that you can attach the light too.

For more information on using environmentally friendly lighting, please read this article on outdoor solar lighting fixtures.


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