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Energy-saving solar yard lights are easy to install yourself.

Solar yard lights not only save energy, they’re very easy to install and they look fantastic at night. Just about every type of outdoor lighting fixture comes in a solar powered version, including flood lights, garden accent lights, recessed lights, deck railing and post cap lights, pool lights, pathway lights and even motion sensor lighting systems.

You can use a solar yard light anywhere in the yard, in the garden, around the deck or on the patio, so long as the solar cell is exposed to enough sunlight during the day. Most outdoor solar lights are turned on automatically either by a light sensor or a timer, and switch themselves off a few hours later when the energy stored in the battery runs out. For more information on solar powered yard lights, just follow the links from this site.

Installing solar powered lighting.

Many outdoor solar lighting fixtures take less time to install than they do to open the packaging they came in. The lights come with a stake attached to the bottom, so you simply push the stake into the ground. For larger solar lighting fixtures, you may need to dig a hole first, and you may even wish to fix them in a concrete foundation. Some solar lights are designed to be mounted to a deck post, wall or tree, which is very easy to do for anyone who is reasonably handy with a hammer and nails.

There’s no mains power to connect, and no unsightly wiring to hide, so all you need to do is choose a location in the yard which receives plenty of sunlight during the day.

For more information on solar powered lights, please read this article on solar garden lighting.


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