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Brilliant garden outdoor decor ideas to liven up your garden, deck and patio.

Designing a beautiful garden outdoor decor scheme has never been more fun, with so many wonderful decor ideas to fire your imagination. The best way to get started is to think about the architectural style of your home, and build your outdoor garden decor around it. Deck, patio and garden furniture is a very important part of your outdoor decor.

You’ll find plenty of great outdoor furniture ideas, including everything from patio bars and chairs to love seats, comfy hammocks and classic porch swings. You’ll also find an absolutely endless variety of garden, deck and patio accessories and ornaments, such as bird houses, bird baths and water fountains, decorative sprinklers, silk flowers, decorative flower pots and hangers, sundials, weather vanes, mailboxes, and address markers.

Outdoor lighting as part of your decor scheme.

A well designed lighting scheme is an essential part of your outdoor decor, particularly if you enjoy spending quiet evenings outdoors on the deck or patio. You can use subtle outdoor accent lights to highlight features of the garden, such as featured plants and trees, ornaments and sculptures, or water features. Accent lights can simply be planted in the garden using a mounting stake, which is normally supplied with the lights.

Flood lights can be mounted from walls, posts or trees, and are very effective for bathing the garden, patio, deck or any large outdoor area in a gentle light. For safety and security, there are lights which can be mounted in the surface of the deck, driveway, or patio, to highlight level changes, pathways and stairs in outdoor spaces. Your outdoor lighting fixtures may be subtle, simple and unobtrusive, or you may choose decorative fixtures which are designed to form part of your garden decor in themselves.


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