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Solar motion lights provide safety and security, while saving energy.

Solar powered motion lights are a fantastically sophisticated piece of technology, but they’re readily available, very easy to set up, and very inexpensive. Solar power means you don’t need any wiring or mains power connection, and you save on your energy bills, but you still get a strong, bright light.

The passive infrared motion detector will detect motion up to fifty feet away, and instantly throw a flood light onto the area in which the motion has been detected. If there are any unwelcome intruders trying to approach your home in the dark, you’ll know about it straightaway.

A solar motion light system is also very useful for when you’re arriving home after dark. You can set it up to automatically light the garage or the path to the front door without you having to find a switch. The solar light will remain switched on for several minutes, or as long as the sensor continues to detect motion. For protection against intruders, you can also include an alarm.

How do you set up a solar powered motion light?

In most cases, installing your solar motion lights is simply a matter of choosing the optimum position for the light, the solar panel and the motion detector and either mounting them to a wall or post, or securing them in the ground. Normally the mounting hardware will be included with the kit.

You may need to place the solar panel in a different position to the solar light and the motion sensor, to ensure it receives enough sunlight during the day. In this case, you will need to wire the solar panel to the other components. The solar light and the motion sensor will be normally be adjustable, so you can rotate and tilt them in any direction.


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