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Light your way in style with energy efficient solar power path lights.

Designing an attractive, practical and energy efficient outdoor lighting system has never been easier, with so many brilliant lighting products on the market. Solar power path lights come in a great range of styles, shapes and sizes, to suit any outdoor decor.

You can choose a solar power path light system with a soft, ambient glow, or a stronger, brighter light for added safety and security around pathways, walkways and stairs. There are solar path lights which are designed to be planted in the ground alongside the path, or mounted right into the surface of the path, driveway, stairs or deck.

Solar power lighting systems usually include either a timer, or a light sensor to turn the lights on automatically in the evening when they’re needed. You can even buy solar path lighting systems which work with a passive infrared motion sensor, so the path to the front door will automatically light up for you when you approach.

The advantages of solar power.

Of course, using solar power means you are using energy which comes free from the sun, so you save on your power bills and you also help to conserve precious environmental resources. The other big advantage of solar power is that there is no wiring or mains power connection to set up, so you can place the solar lights wherever you choose, so long as the solar panel is in a place where it will receive plenty of sunlight during the day. Solar powered outdoor lighting systems come with a battery, which can collect and store enough energy during the day to power the lights for a few hours in the evening when you need them.


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