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Warm, glowing outdoor low voltage lights create a magical effect on the patio, in the garden or on the deck.

An intelligently designed lighting system is an essential element in the design of outdoor living spaces, including gardens and built spaces like patios and decks. These days you can choose from a fantastic variety of outdoor low voltage lights, designed for a range of specific outdoor landscaping purposes.

Accent lights can be used to highlight attractive features of your garden like trees, plants and garden ornaments. Low voltage spotlights are very useful for bathing large areas of the garden, deck or patio in a wash of gentle light.

You can also buy outdoor low voltage lighting fixtures which are designed to highlight steps, stairs and level changes, to make your outdoor space safe to walk through at night. Lighting fixtures may be simple and unobtrusive; in fact, some are so cleverly designed that you won’t see them at all. Alternatively, you can choose outdoor lighting fixtures which are so beautifully designed and crafted that they form magnificent sculptural features in themselves.

The advantages of low voltage lighting.

Low voltage lighting is particularly suited to outdoor use because it is so safe. There is virtually no risk of injury from the low voltage cables; in fact, you can even plug and unplug the lights and move them around with the system switched on. You don’t need to bury the low voltage lighting cables, but for a neat appearance and to avoid a trip hazard, you can hide them behind rocks or cover them with garden mulch. With a solar powered low voltage lighting system, you simply set up the lights where they will receive plenty of sunshine during the day, and you don’t need to worry about cables at all.

The other attraction of low voltage lighting is that the fixtures radiate a very soft, warm, glowing light. The light quality is perfect for creating a magical, romantic evening ambience, while still being strong enough to make your outdoor areas safe at night.

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