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Rockler.com has all the deck and patio lighting supplies you need to create a beautiful evening ambience.

If you love evenings in the outdoors, you can turn your deck or patio into a beautiful and practical outdoor space by installing a few simple deck and patio lighting fixtures. Rockler has a great range of deck and patio lighting fixtures, including deck and dock lights, paver lights, and deck lighting disks. Rockler can also supply you with everything you need to install and run your deck or patio lighting system, including power transformers and wires, and drill bits for installation.

Advantages of deck and patio lighting fixtures from Rockler

Deck and patio lighting fixtures are installed right into the surface of the deck, driveway, walkway, patio or stairs. They create a much gentler, delicate effect than direct overhead lighting fixtures, and they’re perfect for highlighting stair edges, railings and changes in level, to make your deck or patio safe to walk through at night. All the lighting fixtures work on a low voltage (12 volt) system, so they’re extremely safe. The in-deck lighting disks are mounted flush with the surface of the deck or patio, and they’re made from tough, durable materials, so you can walk or even drive over them without causing any damage whatsoever.

Rockler supplies a range of outdoor enhancement lighting kits, which are easy to install for anyone with a few basic carpentry and electrical skills. The kits include a set of eight lighting fixtures, 4 watt lamps, a transformer, sockets and connectors, and cables. Rockler also supplies in-deck lighting disks, which can be purchased individually or in sets of ten, with transformers and wire sold separately. Make sure you also purchase a transformer with a built-in timer, to turn the lights on and off automatically up to two times per day.


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