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Beautiful solar powered lights for landscape gardens and patios.

If you’re thinking about designing a landscape lighting system for your garden or patio, solar powered lights are an option you should consider. Of course, solar powered lighting requires no external power, so you not only help to conserve precious environmental resources, you also save on your power bills. Depending on the climate in the area in which you live, and the location of the solar lights in your garden, the solar panels will usually collect enough energy during the day to power the lights for a few hours in the evening when they’re needed. What’s more, opting for solar power certainly doesn’t mean you’re limited in your choice of lighting fixtures. You’ll find solar lights in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs, to use as subtle decorative garden accents, gentle floodlights for large areas, safety lighting for steps and level changes, and even decorative lights for ponds and garden water features.

Installing solar powered outdoor lights.

The other great advantage of solar lighting is that it’s so easy to install. You don’t have to install a transformer or bury any wiring or cables, so you can easily move the lights around whenever you need a change. Solar lighting systems come with the light fixture itself, a solar panel which is often attached to the light fixture, a battery to store the solar energy until it’s needed, and a controller. The controller will include a timer for the lights, or sometimes a light sensor which switches the lights on automatically as soon as it’s dark enough. Installing solar lights is simply a matter of choosing a suitable location, where the solar panel will receive plenty of sunlight during the day, and the outdoor lighting fixture will create the desired effect at night. The lights can either be mounted to a wall or a post, or literally planted in the ground on an attached stake.


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