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Low voltage lighting for beautiful gardens, patios, outdoor decks and porches.

Low voltage lighting is exceptionally safe to install and operate, saves valuable energy, and radiates a soft, gentle light which is perfectly suited to creating a magical ambience in any outdoor space. With such a wonderful range of low voltage light fixtures to choose from, you can be really creative with your outdoor lighting design. Lighting fixtures can be wall mounted, or planted in the ground, and you can use them to create lighting accents, highlight garden features, radiate a wash of light over a horizontal or vertical surface, or light steps and level changes for safety. Low voltage systems can be either mains powered, using a low voltage transformer, or you can choose a solar powered low voltage outdoor lighting system for even greater energy efficiency.

Tips for installing your low voltage outdoor lighting system.

One of the great advantages of low voltage outdoor lights is that they are simple and safe enough for just about anyone to install. You can have as many lights as you like running from the low voltage transformer, so long as the total wattage doesn’t exceed the transformer’s maximum output. If it does, you’ll need to split the lighting system between two low voltage transformers. You have the flexibility of mixing lights of different wattages on the same lighting system.

There is no absolutely risk of injury from low voltage cables, and they’re extremely weatherproof, so they don’t even need to be buried. However, for the sake of a neat appearance, it’s a good idea to cover your low voltage cables with mulch if you’re running them across a garden bed, or hide them under rocks or bushes. Of course, if you choose a low voltage solar lighting system, you don’t need to worry about cables or transformers at all.


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