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Halogen low voltage lighting lamps and fixtures for all kinds of creative outdoor lighting applications.

Halogen low voltage lighting has an amazing range of applications for all kinds of outdoor spaces from patios, porches and decks to walkways, driveways, garden landscaping and even garden pond lighting. Low voltage halogen lighting lamps and fixtures can be simple, elegant and discreet, or attractive enough to form a sculptural feature of your garden design in themselves. You can use halogen low voltage lights to create subtle accents, highlight attractive features of your garden, floodlight large areas or surfaces, or light steps and level changes for added safety. Low voltage halogen bulbs and lamps come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, wattages and voltages, so you have a lot of flexibility when designing your outdoor lighting system.

Advantages of halogen low voltage outdoor lighting.

Low voltage lighting is the preferred choice for outdoor lighting applications because it’s exceptionally safe and easy to install. In fact, the cables don’t even need to be buried underground; covering them with mulch in garden beds or hiding them discreetly behind rocks or under plants is all you need to do. Low voltage lighting systems are so safe you can even move the cables around with the power turned on. Low voltage also means the lighting fixtures use less energy, and the light itself has a gentle, glowing quality which is perfect for a creating a magical evening ambience.

The difference between halogen and a standard incandescent light bulb is that a halogen bulb lasts longer and gives off a brighter, whiter light. Halogen lighting is also better for use with tinted or colored lighting fixtures, as it tends to give better color rendition.


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