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Beautiful low voltage lighting gives a warm, romantic glow to patios, gardens, decks and even water features.

Low voltage lighting is the preferred choice for lighting all kinds of outdoor spaces, including decks, patios and water features, for so many good reasons. The quality of the light is soft and glowing, and creates a lovely magical ambience. Low voltage lighting is also exceptionally safe, even around the pool, or in and around water features. The fixtures are very easy to install, and the cables only need to be buried at a very shallow depth, or simply covered with mulch in the garden bed. Because the lighting runs on a low voltage system, you use less energy, which is not only good for the environment, it also saves you money. There is a vast range of fixtures to choose from, designed to light any kind of outdoor space, including patios, decks and gardens.

Choosing low voltage lighting fixtures for gardens, patios, decks or water features.

You’ll be absolutely amazed at the choice you have available. It’s very easy to do a search around the many outdoor lighting supplies websites to get an idea of what’s on offer, and to inspire a few really creative design ideas. Perhaps you’re looking for something very simple and unobtrusive, which will draw attention to the patio or garden features you want to see, rather than the fixtures themselves. You’ll even find fixtures which are cleverly disguised as rocks or paving stones, so you’ll hardly see them at all, especially during the day when they’re not needed. This is particularly important if you have a large area to light, and you need a large number of fixtures.

The other approach is to choose fixtures which are designed to form attractive garden design features in themselves. There are some gorgeous pieces available, in all kinds of modern and traditional styles, incorporating beautiful materials like solid brass, copper and stained glass. And you’ll probably be surprised at just how inexpensive it is to have a real work of art in your garden.

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